There’s nothing I love more than a happy client! Here are some of their testimonials and reviews from their experience with Bright Light Solutions.

I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to social media… Courtney from Bright Light Solutions is a savior. She cleaned up all my social media profiles and helped integrate them all together. Now I have a professional online appearance that is in alignment with the Vision and Mission of my business. Thanks Courtney, you’re the best!

– C. Clarke

Courtney and Bright Light Solutions has already helped me tremendously with my social media marketing. This seminar provided me with even more informatin. Thanks Courtney you are a wealth of information and an expert in your field!

– A. Dryce

Courtney, Social Media expert with Bright Light Solutions did an amazing job today training BNI members on the way to stay connected and market our companies through social media. Avery Construction Design Consulting, Inc.. has hired Courtney to help us get on track and stay focused in this effort. Her dedication and commitment to her clients is awesome and a great value to our company. If you are overwhelmed with social media, call Courtney. She will help take some of that pain away!

– M. Habasavich

I recommend Courtney, she is so patient and very knowledgeable. I love her casual approach and style of teaching. She enjoys what she does and it is clear in her teaching. Always willing to answer a quick question. She provides great support. Thanks Courtney.

– R. Emanuel

Courtney is passionate and very knowledgeable. I would encourage any individual or company who wants to grow their business to work with her.

– J. Lashway

Courtney does an awesome job! She knows here social media platforms and achieves results! If you want to get on top of your social marketing and grow your business, Courtney and her professional experience make Bright Light Solutions the right choice if you want to get the your company on top of your competition.

– K. Heiden

Courtney and Bright Light Solutions has been a real blessing to my business and personal growth. Courtney brings a level of professionalism to social media I thought was lacking. With a more clear understand of when, where, why and how to use social media combined with the understanding of how to track results, Courtney has taken the scary out of social media . She truly is a Bright Light in this field.

– D. Harvey

Courtney is a geuine Business Professional that truely cares about helping you with your business. Courtney is very professional and her service is fun and easy to understand. Her sense of humor and expertise makes the learning experience enjoyable!

– D. Sheets

Courtney takes the time to understand the wants and needs of the customer and produces great results. Very personable and detail oriented. I highly recommend her services.

– J. Richards

Courtney is a creative and skilled social media expert. She has the ability and patience to guide the social media campaign while coaching and teaching the finer aspects of this critically important function to her client.

– M. Perkins

Courtney is outstanding – her training has been invaluable – it’s priceless!

– A. Politano

Courtney started helping me with my Facebook social media a few months ago and I can say it has sparked some real activity with my connections. Earlier this week the activity turned into real $$ by picking up a new Achievers Business Academy On-Line client!! Just to give you an idea of the far reaching opportunities that I had not considered prior, the new client was from Melbourne, Australia!! WOW!! Thank you Courtney!! You’re the best!!

– M. Rechkemer