Social Media Management

This company was a dream of mine many years ago. I just lacked the faith, knowledge and resources to make it a reality. The combination of perfect timing, encouragement from peers and a whole lot of faith and trust, Bright Light Solutions was born. We launched in January of 2014. We help you tell your story through social media. We realize business owners wear many hats. We take social media marketing off your to-do list so you can focus on what you do best.

We have social media managers across the country we partner with for special projects. We also work hand in hand with website developers, marketing agencies, SEO specialists and entire marketing teams to better serve our customers and their needs. So, whatever your business, your goals, we can help.

Courtney NestlerCourtney Nestler | President & Social Media Manager | Courtney@ManageMySocialMedia.com

  • Where are you from?
    Palatka, FL
  • How long have you been involved with social media? 
    Personally, about 12 years. Professionally, about 5 years.
  • What is your favorite social media platform and why?
    For personal reasons, I like Instagram because it’s just images and video. For business reasons, I like LinkedIn because it’s an effective way to refer others.
  • Charities and/or causes you care about?
    I’m kind of all over the map. From christian outreach to domestic violence awareness to challenging America’s nutrition standards.
  • Hobbies/Activities/Fun stuff you do on the weekends?
    I love anything outdoors and/or involved fitness. Wife and mom by day, crossfitter by night. Bleeding orange and blue on Saturdays in the Fall (Go Gators!)
  • Pets?
    One, her name is Alli, she’s a rescue mutt
  • If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you’d do?
    Honestly….the adult in me says hire an attorney. But I’d love the opportunity to be able to drastically impact the lives of others. Just to be able to pay someone’s mortgage off or send someone’s kids to college. That would be amazing.
  • Who is your hero? And why?
    This one is tough, I admire strong women. Women strong in faith, strong willed and willing to do whatever it takes for their family and the greater good. My grandmother is one of these women.
  • If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have?
    Maybe a crossfit coach or something to encourage our youth to live healthy lives.
  • What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?
    It’s a play on a Dr. Seuss quote. Always be yourself. People who mind don’t matter. People who matter don’t mind..
  • If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Anywhere in the sunshine without internet, TV or phone service but surrounded by family and friends.